Fee structure

Note: we are registered for the Government childcare grant, known by the Royal Borough as Minimum Funding Entitlement (MFE), so fees will be subsidized by approximately £980 (morning session) and £800 (afternoon session) from the term after your child turns three (cut-off dates being 31/08, 31/12, 31/03).

£2,565 per term

£2,835 per term

All day:
£2,835 (for the morning session) plus £567 per day/term (children may attend all day for one or more days)

£60 per day for occasional all day sessions (by arrangement with the directress)

£70 per term for French.

Fees are payable in advance and reviewed annually. A full term’s notice is required before the removal of any child or a term’s fees are due. We are registered with a number of childcare voucher companies. Some employers use these companies to provide childcare benefit vouchers to their employees.